Expert Glass Room Enclosures Brisbane

JRC's Glass Patio Enclosures have been modernly designed to help you make the most of every season, making it the perfect choice for your home's patio, veranda, balcony, sunroom, or garage.

looking to install? Glass Enclosures AVAILABLE with Sliding door or Hinged door OPTIONS

Are you looking for more comfort in your outdoor alfresco area? Maybe you're sick and tired of the pesky insects annoying you during your relaxation time in your sunroom? JRC's expert enclosed outdoor rooms are designed and installed to suit your home's outdoor area perfectly, giving your balcony or patio that extra space and comfort it needs!

With over 10 years experience as the leading sunroom builders Brisbane, JRC Glass Solutions provides the perfect solution to a comfortable, secure, and stylish outdoor enclosed patio for your Brisbane home. Enquire today and chat with us about your dreams for a stunning glass enclosed patio that's truly unique to you.

Stylish glass Enclosures for Patios, Verandahs, Balcony, or Garage

Designed specifically with Brisbane's climate in mind, our stylish glass enclosures for patios are perfect for year-round comfort in your outdoor living areas.

Our high quality glass room enclosures help you to stay warm and cozy in the winter months, as well as keep cool and comfortable during the summer. Because your glass patio sunroom is weatherproof, you can enjoy the same level of comfort as the indoor by creating a seamless flow in the furnishing from indoor to out, or you can make the most of that classic Australian backyard feel by furnishing with outdoor furniture.

With a range of configurations, colours, and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor glass sunroom for your Brisbane home with JRC's Glass Patio Enclosures. Contact for more info!

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Glass patio enclosure in Brisbane

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Benefits of Enclosed Patios in Brisbane

Designed with year-round living in mind, glass patio enclosures come with many benefits for your Brisbane home. Outdoor enclosures will make heating and cooling easy, allowing the winter sunlight to keep you cosy and warm, but also keep the room cool during the summer months.

Glass enclosures are perfect patio extensions for entertaining family and friends in comfort. They work incredibly well as a way to enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends without the annoyance of insects or harsh weather.

Other glassed in patio benefits include:

  • Turns your patio and garage enclosures into a living space
  • Designed and fitted for Brisbane climate
  • Weatherproof so your enclosed outdoor area is safe from UV damage
  • Stylish and modern aesthetic
  • Keep bugs and insects out and enjoy the comfort of your enclosed outdoor rooms
  • Cohesive aluminium glass designs that look like it was part of the original home design
  • Built to your unique specifications
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Glass sunroom enclosure brisbane

What Is a Glass patio enclosure?

A glass patio enclosure is a way of enclosing your patio, balcony, veranda, or garage with an array of high quality glass windows and doors to protect your outdoor area from the elements. It essentially provides the same sensation of being outdoors whilst creating a barrier from insects, bad weather, and heat.

A glass porch enclosure will enhance the functionality of your outdoor space, creating an inviting entertainment area for you and your family to enjoy in comfort. Suitable for all forms of outdoor entertaining areas, JRC's glass enclosures include alfresco enclosures, patio enclosures, porch enclosures, veranda enclosures, and balcony enclosures.

Our glass rooms are built fully custom to the specifications of your home, and can be styled to blend seamlessly with the existing aesthetic. We have a wide range of aluminium windows, glass sliding doors, and glass French doors that can accompany your Brisbane Glass Enclosure.

If you want to add more outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round without harmful UV rays and annoying mosquitoes, our full glass patio enclosures in Brisbane are perfect for you.

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Glass patio enclosure in Brisbane

Our Glass Patio Enclosures Design Options

Glass Enclosure Design Specifications

Glass Sliding Door Options Available
Glass Hinged Door Options Available
Single Glazed Enclosure Windows
All JRC products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Glass enclosure Colour Range

All JRC's glass enclosures come in a wide range of frame colour options to choose from. Pick from our standard frame colours below or enquire for all other special frame colours. You can mix and match JRC's window colours to compliment the interior and exterior of your home perfectly.


The shine on it gives a subtle shimmer, giving off this subtle glow, and the smooth off-white colour brings in a vibe of class and style. Whether you're aiming for a touch of fancy or just a bit of extra, Surfmist is that perfect finish to your aluminium frames.

Pearl White

The light colour casts a gentle, almost pearlescent glow, evoking an atmosphere that's warm and peaceful. Pearl White adds a touch of sophistication and grace to any living space when applied to your glass enclosure aluminium frames.

Dune satin

Dune Satin captures a subtle, earthy vibe reminiscent of its namesake natural features. With its warm, muted tones, it effortlessly complements materials like mid-tone wood and limestone, giving a grounded and practical touch to your aluminium frames.


Embodying the gentle essence of the eponymous tree, our Paperbark aluminium frame colour is this chill mix of soft browns, a dash of cream, and a hint of grey. Super easy-going and fitting anywhere, it brings a laid-back charm to your glass enclosure without trying too hard.

Ultra Silver Gloss

Picture your glass enclosure aluminium frame catching those silvered tree bark vibes in Ultra Silver gloss – it's this light, warm grey that just oozes calm and elegance. Seriously versatile, it plays nice with granite, dark timber, grey brickwork, and even those trendy light renders, turning your space into a sleek and stylish masterpiece.

Woodland Grey

Visualize your glass balcony enclosure immersing itself in the cool, dark, grey-green tones of Woodland Grey, taking inspo from the vast inland bush and Southeast Queensland coastal scrub. This adaptable colour effortlessly complements a range of colours and materials, from natural options like sandstone, granite, and slate, to modern, linear elements such as dark timber.


Bring your glass veranda enclosure to life with Monument coloured aluminium frames, adding a striking blend of deep bluish-grey tones that brings a bold touch to your space.


Classic Black aluminium frames exude strength and confidence, making it a timeless choice that effortlessly complements any colour palette. Use this as a visually striking approach to your glass sunroom enclosures, and watch your home stand out from the rest.

*All colours shown are for illustrative and example purposes online. It's important for you to view actual samples first before selecting a colour as colours may differ slightly from digital versions. These colours are just our standard range and we offer a larger selection of colours for you to choose from. Contact our team for all your aluminium glass enclosure colour options today.

Flyscreens for Glass Patio Enclosures

JRC's glass enclosed patios are designed and installed to fit our range of flyscreens for peace of mind when it comes to insects. Choose from our selection of flyscreens for enclosed outdoor areas.

Fixed Frame Insect Screens

  • Innovate mesh technology keeps out even the smallest of insects from your home
  • More durable than fibreglass mesh
  • Suitable for bushfire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
  • Available in a wide range of configuration
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Magnetic Insect Screens

  • Effortlessly lift the screen away to adjust your windows as desired
  • Streamlined and blends with aluminium frames
  • Suitable for bushfire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
  • Available in a wide range of configuration
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Security Screens for Glass Enclosures

JRC's enclosures for patios are designed and installed to fit our range of security screens for peace of mind when it comes to keep pets and children safe inside, as well as keeping intruders out. Choose from our selection of glass enclosure security screens.

Diamond Grille Security Screen

  • Acts as a visual deterrent as well as a physical to intruders
  • Sturdy metal frame with diamond shape pattern
  • Maximum ventilation and light without compromising security
  • 3-point locking mechanism (Up to Australian Standards AS5039-2008)
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Xceed Aluminium Security Screen

  • High-strength aluminium mesh is stronger than diamond grille
  • Arcylic adhesive provides exceptional strength
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sleek aluminium frame
  • 3-point locking mechanism (Up to Australian Standards AS5039-2008)
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Secureview Stainless steel Security Screen

  • 316 marine-grade stainless steel woven mesh technology
  • Arcylic adhesive provides exceptional strength
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sleek aluminium frame
  • Suitable for bushfire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
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Fall Prevention Screens for Glass room Enclosures

JRC's Glass Patio Enclosures are designed to fit our fall prevention screens, protecting your children and pets from falling out of double hung windows installed above ground level. Make your home as safe as possible with our glass room extension fall prevention screens.

Basix Safety Screens

  • 316 marine-grade stainless steel technology
  • Sleek and strong aluminium frame
  • High strength to keep your loved one safe
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Glass Patio Enclosures Glass options

Glass selection in your outdoor enclosed patio plays a pivotal role in the energy efficiency, comfort, natural light, security and aesthetics of your outdoor area. Whether building new or renovating, the glass selection for your glass enclosure should be carefully considered to ensure you pick the right one for you and your family's needs. If you aren't sure what glass type is right for your glass patio sunroom, give our team a call and we'll be happy to help you in the selection process.

Annealed glass is supplied as the standard glass in our glass patio enclosures. Our other upgrade options include:

Laminated (safety Glass)

  • Best for areas that are prone to security risks such as full-length windows and doors, shower screens, glass splashbacks.
  • Great choice for noise supression and acoustic reduction
  • Reduces harmful UV rays protecting carpets, furniture, and curtains from sun damage
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Toughened (Safety Glass)

  • Best for areas that require structural strength such as large feature windows, full-length windows and doors, and shower screens
  • Great for area prone to breakage risks as glass doesn't shatter into large dangerous shards
  • Highly thermal resistant
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Low-E Coating Glass

  • Great choice for areas in your home where solar and thermal control is required
  • Very effective at reducing heat consumption and improving energy efficiency in your home
  • Cost-effective alternative to double glazing

Double Glazed Glass

  • High effective at improving energy efficiency in your home, reducing energy bills and heat consumption
  • Great for noise suppresion and acoustic reduction
  • Keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter
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Toned (Tinted Glass)

  • Choice of tinting colour options
  • Great for reducing UV rays in your home and protecting your interior from sun damage

Alfresco Glass Enclosures

Enclose your alfresco area with glass and create a comfortable, functional space for all year round. Our alfresco enclosures are highly versatile, with the ability for the glass sliding doors to be stacked away, partially open, or fully closed depending on the weather.

Adding an alfresco glass enclosure is a fantastic way to create an indoor-outdoor space in your home. You'll never have to worry about the weather spoiling the party, or mosquitoes ruining your chill time, JRC's alfresco glass enclosures will make your home the perfect place for hosting.

On top of creating a more comfortable environment for your home, our glass rooms look stylish and elegant with the use of premium quality aluminium glass products. Choosing to use aluminium windows and doors in your glass enclosure gives your home a timeless, streamlined appearance. It's also a highly durable material choice ensuring your alfresco enclosure lasts for many years to come with minimal maintenance required.

If you're looking to enclose alfresco with glass, contact our experts today who will happily walk you through the entire process!

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Alfresco area glass enclosure in Brisbane

Balcony & Veranda Glass Enclosures

Veranda enclosures give you the ability to transform your veranda into any type of room you desire. Whether it's a chill spot, bbq area, home gym, home office, extra bedroom, or rumpus room, a veranda enclosure will bring a healthy amount of natural sunlight in and create an amazing view of your outdoor surroundings.

Keep out the noise, sun, intruders, and insects with a stunning new balcony enclosure for your home! JRC's expert sunroom builders Brisbane can keep your veranda fully enclosed or partially enclosed with options for sliding doors and hinged doors.

Brighten up your veranda and convert it into a functional, comfortable living space with a new glass enclosed balcony! Your glass enclosure for balcony will be the envy of the neighbourhood, creating a stunning and memorable addition to your beautiful home.

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Veranda glass enclosure in Brisbane
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