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JRC's stunning range of custom glass shower screens offers a stylish impact to any bathroom. We work with you and your vision to deliver a shower screen installation that works for any size bathroom, budget, or design style. With quality that simply can't be matched, JRC's premium line of custom shower screens is the perfect way to rejuvenate an outdated design or simply replace an existing broken glass.

Frameless shower screens Brisbane

Frameless sliding door shower screens

Our team of qualified shower screen installers Brisbane are the perfect choice to install frameless glass shower screens into your bathroom. Our frameless range has a minimalistic style and looks absolutely stunning in any bathroom. Perfect for saving space, the sliding mechanism of the shower screen slides seamlessly along our luxury high-end hardware to easily open and close for access to the shower.

We use 10mm toughened safety glass as our glass material to construct our frameless panels, combined with high quality hinges and brackets to ensure strength and durability. Whether you're looking for mitred, smooth, or polished edges, we have a wide range of design styles and configurations for you to choose from.

In a wide range of colour options, you can let your expression shine as you align the design to your dream vision, selecting from a range of stunning colours and finishes. You can find out more information on our sliding door screens here.

Frameless hinged door shower screens

For a flawless, streamlined aesthetic in your bathroom, our range of frameless hinged door shower screens should not be overlooked! Simple, clean, and minimalistic, their design flexibility fits into just about any bathroom design possible. Our team at JRC will flawlessly install your new hinged door shower screen and work with your specifications, hardware choice, and colouring to ensure that your vision is met.

Made custom to fit perfectly in your space, JRC's frameless hinged door shower screens are a perfect choice for your bathroom. You can find out more information on them here.

Semi-FramEless shower screens Brisbane

Semi-Frameless Pivot Door Shower Screens - Evolution Series

JRC's Evolution Series shower screens streamlined, modern appearance creates a stylish yet subtle charm to your bathroom. Use a slimeline thin frame running around the perimeter, our semi-frameless pivot door shower screens subtlety can blend with any existing bathroom aesthetic.

With a wide range of design styles, colours, and options available, our team at JRC can help you craft the perfect shower screen for your next bathroom renovation. Our pivot door product is one of those timeless choices that will looks amazing for years to come. You can find out more information about the product here.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Door Shower Screens - Momentum series

Perfect for bathrooms that are tighter on space, our Momentum Series shower screens Brisbane are a practical solution without compromising on design. Using high quality rollers and hardware, the sliding door that runs across the semi-frameless design is effortless to operate and opens like a breeze. With our state-of-the-art glass, our shower screens are easy to clean and install.

We customise every semi-frameless sliding door shower screen in Brisbane to the exact specifications of your unique bathroom design and layout. For expert quality, choose a Brisbane shower screen installer that is renowned in the industry for their immaculate craftsmanship and installation abilities. To find out more info on our semi-frameless sliding door shower screens Brisbane, click here.

Fully Framed shower screens Brisbane

Fully framed shower screens

A staple product in the Australian bathroom, the fully framed shower screen is a classic that can't be overlooked! Robust and durable in design without any exposed glass edge work, our fully framed shower screens Brisbane are designed to suit your dream bathroom! With a variety of design, styling, and configuration options available, we can turn your idea into reality.

We offer fully framed shower screen products which consist of either 6.38 laminated safety glass, 5mm, or 100mm, toughened glass, dependent on your style of choice. Every thickness of glass comes encased in a high quality aluminium frame, which is what makes fully framed glass screens the toughest and most durable on the market.

Our fully framed shower screens are easy to clean, highly durable, and timeless in design. Choose a shower screen installation service that has a track history of quality! To find out more about our framed shower screens, visit here.

"JRC went above and beyond for our new bathroom. The shower screens look stunning and make our bathroom a dream."

Easy to clean Shower glass, Custom design & Installation.

Utilising the latest in nanotechnology, JRC's shower screens are coated with a protective layer that bonds with the glass, forming an invisible barrier that protects your screen from dirt and grime. Not only does it prevent a buildup of dirt, but the nanoclean technology makes your shower screens easy to clean, easy to maintain, and less of a headache in general. No need for toxic chemicals or harsh scrubbers that scratch the glass, your easy to clean shower screen is dirt free with the wipe of a cloth. Enjoy no hard scrubbing, no toxic chemicals, and up to 90% less cleaning time.

Luxury shower Screens MADE from quality glass & hardware

JRC's shower screens are the ultimate in affordable and practical luxury. We simply do not compromise on quality, ever. Sourcing the highest quality glass materials from locally owned glass manufacturers, our shower screen products are durable, built to last, and incredibly high quality. Our glass is secured using only the highest-quality 100% brass hinges, and every aspect of production is completed in-house with our manufacturers. Give your bathroom a sense of luxury and treat yourself to a spa day treatment, every day! Combining luxury with affordability, our custom Brisbane shower screens service has been boiled down into a fine art. Let JRC make your home feel comfortable, stylish, and perfectly luxurious with our wide range of custom shower screens.

We Measure, Supply, and Install shower screens

Australian made and tested, our team of experts at JRC will work with you to deliver the shower screens of your dream. We work with you through the entire process, from measuring the specifications, to supply of locally sourced Australian made glass, and finally the installation of the custom cut shower screen into your bathroom. Using state-of-the-art glass processing machinery, we can cut your glass flawlessly to fit perfectly into any sized bathroom. Whether you are looking to save on space, or wanting something roomy and comfortable, we have the best shower screen installation Brisbane for you!

Our team of professional shower screen installers are fast, efficient, and fantastic at what they do. Typically, depending on the design of your screen, our experts will have your new screen installed within your shower within 1 to 3 hours of arrival. We understand the privacy that comes with any home, so we do our best to make the job as fast and effective as possible, without compromising on quality. If you are looking for an expert shower screen service Brisbane, then give our team at JRC a call!

The Benefits of JRC's Glass shower screens

Benefits of Fully framed shower screens

Fully Framed Glass Shower Screens in Brisbane offer an affordable option for upgrading your bathroom. They are budget friendly and provide a cost-effective solution. The sturdy metal frame surrounding the glass panels enhances durability and provides structural support. Fully framed shower screens come in various designs and finishes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom decor and personal style, coming in both pivot and sliding door configurations. The installation process for fully framed shower screens is typically straightforward and can be completed efficiently and fairly fast.

Benefits of Semi-frameless shower screens

Semi-frameless shower screens minimal frame provides stability and structural support while creating a more open and spacious feel compared to fully framed options. Semi-frameless shower screens often offer customisation options, allowing you to choose different finishes and hardware styles to match your bathroom decor. The minimalistic design also makes them easier to clean and maintain, as there are fewer areas where dirt and grime can accumulate.

Benefits of frameless shower screens

Frameless glass shower screens are easy to clean and maintain, as there are no frames to clean around. The smooth glass surface can be quickly wiped down with a microfibre cloth, minimising cleaning effort. Frameless shower screens create an illusion of a larger bathroom by eliminating visual barriers, making them great for small bathrooms to maximise the perception of space. The use of tempered glass ensures durability, and the absence of frames means there are fewer components that can deteriorate over time and it is less susceptible to mould growth.

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